Earrings since time immemorial:

1.  Gold tone earrings - These are Vintage earrings because these are from the 80s and the 90s, these are geometric earrings brushed with an air brush to look as sparkly as possible, and then you can convert it into matte when you do not air brush them, the size is 12 mm - 14mm in length to fit till the shoulder or to fall till the edge of your gorgeous face, genuine parts earring, and these are traditional and very light weight.

 These are circular or square or rectangular. Desert tribes of Nigeria wear the same which are also known as the richest tribe of the world. Wear twenty pieces of loops together and make it your college or office style statement. Go anywhere in them, these at Thefineworld.com do not look garish, but solid and expensive. Returns within 30 days, and COD available.

2.  Gold Plated Earrings -  Which are incised and cut to shape, they look delicate, and very artsy. You can hammer the gold to fit the size and make sheets out of it. This looks pretty neat, and very elegant. People would chase you all the way till Thefineworld.com to ask you about where you got the mesmerizing piece. Returns and COD available.

3.  Gold Pearl Earrings - Look out of the world when the pearl lays back. There are two leaf shaped pearls, and brass added to it and the color looks unique, and rust which adds to it some glory because the pearl leaves mix and match with bronze, copper, brass and the gold. The color comes out fine, and then there is a subtle shine which makes every woman want to own one.  You know what the whole earring can be called? Onyx is the word and ain't it a pretty word? Returns and COD available.

4.  Gold Tone Hoop Earrings - Favorite for being door knob earrings, and goes with every age.  20 mm in size, and material is iron, they have a tube charm. Returns within 30 days and COD available.

5.  White Gold Earrings - For a soft peach like feeling over your personality, to make you look on top of your earring game, and to race a step ahead of yellowish and reddish gold. But, it cannot compete with rose gold. Return and COD available. We also allow repairs. We ship all around the nation.

6Sapphire Earrings - Go only when mixed with Diamonds or Diamantes. Because, sapphire as we know is the most expensive piece of jewel in the earring scenario. We ship nationally and internationally.

7Silver Plated Earrings - Are the sort of earrings found since the oldest time among silver baalis, silver being the oldest gemstone used in fine jewelry. This piece of earring is scratch proof; it embellishes you, and is a true benchmark of quality.

8Pearl Clip Earrings - Are teardrop shaped, semiprecious studs falling till the eye lashes, fossil pearly glitz studs; you can call it Zirconium silver.

9. Gold Vermeil Earrings - This is the piece of earring which is the best. It is not solid gold, and a mix of gold and silver which just blows my mind because we at Thefineworld.com did not even care earlier about how beautiful you really are but now we customize this art piece and a luxury piece because who could think silver and gold mix? It is truthfully the best combination ever. This can be rose vermeil which is rose gold, and silver and gold which is framed as a cluster stud earring.

10. Pompom Earrings -  Makes the best out of waste. It could be tassel, monogram with your name on it gifted by someone who loves you, and who brings not the earring for you, but comes to hand deliver the gift of love to you. These are called a funny name; ' Pompom' but they are a serious piece of jewel. May be you could over write two letters on the earring which are the initial of your love partner, and the initial of your name and of your own self. It is also called fringes earrings, and black satin earrings. It could also be black check earrings.