It is your wedding day, and you are in jitters. You wish to make your jewelry stand out, but you are confused and agitated about how you would find your perfect jewels to match with your wedding dress. The first thing we decide is that you should have a wedding engagement ring ready. We have come to know that at weddings what happens is no matter what friends say, no matter for relatives say, and no matter what your hearts says, you are bound to feel some lows with some highs.

Rosados box rings are essential for a wedding. This is an uncut diamond stone which goes nicely with red lehengas. These diamonds are called Moissanite. This jewelry is handmade, it can be made to order as in it can be customized; this is as classic as it gets.

We believe in fair trade in jewelry which means our prices are competitive. is so proud of this piece of jewelry that we are saying, ' We give you the best time.' It is a jewelry piece which we have learnt first. Now, we have just suggested one ring, but you can stack them with other tiny oval rings in stones to make your ring finger ring catch better attention. We are all about faux diamonds.

Classy and Fabulous is the motto. Our motto also is that you should be your own kind of beautiful.

With the low neckline of your red lehengas would go the dangler and drop earrings. When you wish to wear an Indian heavy suit, you should go for jhumkis in gold plated effect. If you are wearing a saree for some occasion then you should go for Victorian style jewels. For saree, you can also go for petal shaped earrings.

This is about your attire. Now, you must be thinking that we have not talked about the hair. Wear some flowers in your hair or for the cocktail, you can wear a head scarf to totally diverge from your ethnic look. Look elitist with tattoo jewels.

If you are wearing something strapless then do carry a nice sling bag which could be all faux diamonds or your bag could be made up of ruby and emeralds imitation. If your cocktail dress is a halter then go for a bracelet matching your lingerie straps material.

Stay calm, you would be able to pull it off, and do not get too hyper unless you are hyper and if you are hyper then go for all floral with flowers looming at your step, swaying with your every step. If this is too much and you think you would go overboard with your jewels then opt for simple chandelier earrings.

Go for the classiest hair clips, tie your hair neat, or leave the mane open with comb hair accessories, and wear a nice heavy maang teeka. Your mehendi laden feet should be adorned with cute anklets. If you are one of the very wild kinds then wear a lip piercing. For when you wish to show your curvaceous belly, you could go for a navel piercing, and a belly bracelet.

If you are wearing a gown in white, or black then trust me please that you only need a diamond neck piece, a thin bracelet in diamond, and danglers in diamond. You are ready to go stun. This prophecy is called the diamante essentials. After all, diamonds are a woman's best friend.

The next thing on my list is sweetheart jewelry. Consider your skin. For fair skin, go for emerald, for dark skin avoids rubies because more than the ruby stone what would be exposed is your skin color. Make up should be taken care of. Do not think you would look fairer with makeup and do not think you cannot look darker with makeup.

We are also surprisingly targeting weddings by religion. If you are a Christian beauty and wearing white then wear a lot of color and make a color riot and simply because your dress is white. Wear blue stones and you look royal, wear pearls and you look understated and dainty.  If you are wearing dark green according to religion then wear all diamonds once again. If you are wearing a burqa then go for emeralds.

For your mehendi, we have one more shapeless classic idea and that is to wear hand jewels in gold, and in continuation if you do think your dark skin is coming in way of all your gold then do not fall for peer pressure like mentioned before because dark is sultry and so is gold.

Staying true to your own self is more important because staying with another person is a cake walk if you so believe.

Jewels should be your last concern because when you are pretty then shopping is like a stroll down Disneyland, and you can pick each piece and make it your own.

When you are possessed with your idea of wedding and cannot find a perfect piece of jewel then we do not mind if you pick one piece per day and return many a time, and return again and again because it is a wedding and we understand.

If you are not comfortable buying from an online portal then buy from our retail outlets. If you wish to know our real thing then it is that less is more. You want to know why? The answer is that wedding is a philosophy and you can be your own kind of embellished, and your own kind of very pretty. When you wish to gift then go for flower tiaras that we sell for our young ladies and bridesmaids, and because flower is power.