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Chandelier Earrings


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Tibetan style hoop earrings are the most glorified because the name comes from Tibet the fantasy land, it is the most prestigious thing to wear such earrings, stud components that show and speak star, it can also be DIY, it is golden color, it can also be found in antique silver, brass clip-on earrings can also be found at retail stores of ours, and our online portal. These are peanut shaped for the richest who wish to laugh at themselves because they are fun loving. These can also be found in brass ear studs. I like the flower shaped.

Classic chandelier earrings are being worn by Queen Latifah and therefore we decided to make an imitation.

Gold plated chandbali are also seen in European paintings.

Embellished chandbali for those women who wish to dance and they shop online.

Classic chandbali for those who like classics, and are grudgingly the best of all collections.

Blush pink gold tassel earrings are for those women who like pink merged with gold. These are viscose material, and made of silk, and you can gift it to your girlfriend, and your wife.

Sicilian Tile Print Cameo Lemon drops are for all women who love colors, and who like designs beyond compare.

Vintage Dazzle Drops are diamond color chandelier earrings. These are also a part of our Black Daffodil earrings.

Your majesty earring are our most crucial collection for they are queen and kind king collection. On the side of that is our watermelon earrings. You can find an American Flag earring pair that would look good if you can pull it off. These make for sensitive solutions and they are silver tone. The material is metal, and they can be worn with fish hook.

Pastel Ice Dangles that look like ice creams, and cones and are of conical shape. These and fun, and frolic, and these are Bohemian earrings to be true to our own collections, but we are extremely proud of the same. Coral roses vintage antique ornaments are my inspiration. We lace our coral vintage antique earrings have hanging beads. These are ideal for a color pop that goes with every outfit.

Raincloud blossoms are also wood earrings that go with your neat and clean perfect self. This is a handmade laser cut made with thin strong wood, this is nontoxic, and they give your gorgeous contour of the ears a beautiful finish. These give your ears an enhanced finish. There are ear wires that go with every piece of ensemble that you wear. They are shimmering.

Earrings of rain are the best for style, for statement color, and the silver length is 13.5 cm and the weight is 11.5 grams. That would be my short description for these earrings of rain.

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We provide COD, we provide returns, and we make the best earrings of all time of all online portals. Thanks for always appreciating our work, and thanks for being our valued customers.