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Charm Bracelets


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It is worn around the wrist, Elizabeth collection is what it is called! It is called gold lace, and it is a charm bracelet! It is 18 karat in gold plated bracelets, it has American diamonds. The aura is Tangerine, and the crystal is Quartz! It comes from China, and it is our treasured bracelet! It is 72 cm in size, and it is shells and crystal combined. Krishna Chakra bracelet is the collection of painting bracelet It is going to be sold out and it makes us order the necklace for you for Rs. 500. It is our love, and pride, and honor, and dignity and kindness necklace! 5 strand braid bracelet is handmade to order, it can be shipped for free, and ships in a week, it works with a cord tie, Farfalle bracelet is a bow tie bracelet for those who want class but have no money! It is Burgundy leather and looks very good! 100% genuine leather is for us and for you! It makes for rich comfort and luxury, it is 21 cm and 6 cm length, and it is pure gold plated inscribed on it, and it is customizable in content, and we are glad we have it in our collection. Floral Filigree Cuff - We give free shipping, and it ships within a day or two! We sell three in one, and we sell flower cuff! Eco Leather Beige Bracelet is lace bracelet, triangle bracelet, glove bracelet, it is sterling silver plated bracelet, it is twist cuff bracelet, stone round cuff bracelet, boho bracelet, love heart bracelet, silver charm beige bracelet, it is a silk thread bracelet, and it is a blue and white and beige bracelet. Cow hide bracelets are good for health, and it is made without causing harm to animals. There is a sliding knot which goes through, and is adjustable, and good length, and good one. Connected Hearts Charm Bracelet makes you express yourself, and it is a perfect gift for the next Valentine. Light Double Curb Charm Bracelet makes you shine through! It is a great method! Gold adjustable bracelet is also available in silver adjustable method, and it is also available in copper adjustable bracelet. It is available in two three shades of different colors. It is good for health and it looks awesome! The gold charm bracelet is day wear! Gold mesh bracelet is for one who loves gold and meshes! Yellow chimes silver toned and pink bracelets are the harbinger of joy for life! Berry single layer is the ultimate bracelet are the best bracelets in town!

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The Cubic Zirconium bracelet is free with the charm bracelet, and it is only for Rs. 250