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Ear Cuffs


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There is the next pair of earrings which is the Mini Ear Cuffs Earrings that is gold plated, comfortable and secure; there is sparkling purple jewelry. This earring can be made to be a good gifting option, and we also give gifts. They shine under some light, and light reflects and refracts well.

Starburst Gold Cuffs have stardust like material in them. They are scattered with star shine material.

Kyanite Ear Cuffs are dreamy, and if you wear them with blue and red and gold, then they spell and weave a charm around the one wearing them. So, we are back to wearing gold fill earrings.

Elegant Ear Cuffs are all kinds. But, I love coins and all kinds, and therefore what I like in my love nest is coin earrings. They look stupendous! They have a certain charm that cannot be put into words.

Flower Ear Cuff Earrings are medium tribal. These smell of cherry blossoms because they are that unique. They are stylish beyond compare, and they are beautiful, they are petite, and they are round in shape, and make the most elegant earrings after elegant earrings.

Petite Tiny Vermeile Ear Cuff Rings are beautiful, they have great temporal value, there is gold in it, and it needs delicate care. It needs airtight containers to store in, and it should be maintained away from perfume, and lotions. It is not yellow gold, and it is Vermeil gold. It is additionally equipped with black silver and other stones. It has a crescent moon and a star on it.

Cross-shaped cuff gold

Love the cross is the dainty hoop earrings. You can find tell me no lies studs in this segment; you can get a name inscribed on that earring. Playful right plated hoops come into play * wink* *wink*.

Rainbow birthstones ear cuffs

Empath anxiety goes away with these hoops. Protect yourself from envy eyes.